Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy National Hangover Day!

To help you through this time of self-induced alcohol-fueled existential angst, we have fanfiction for you. But first, the art. Before that, though, the newz.

  • Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): "Say Robin, Old Man Wayne is rich. Maybe he can loan you a little more than that stack of dimes you're packing."
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): At that point, long supple wires came out of the mask's mouth and directly plugged into her forehead. At that instant, a Powerpoint presentation streamed into her brain in a strict orderly fashion. At the same time, Daria was aware that all the directories and files in her brain were being renamed as inconsistencies were removed and consigned to the Land of the Gone Forever.
  • Esteeminator: The Daria Morgendorffer Chronicles, by Jim North (Part 1): Just as she started walking down the sidewalk, lights started flaring from a nearby alleyway, accompanied by an electrical noise. At first Terry thought that a transformer must have exploded, but the light and sound continued for several seconds before tapering off. Curious—and worried that someone might have been hurt by the display, or something else important might have been damaged—she carefully edged around the corner to see what had happened. Before Terry could get a good look, she was almost run down by a young woman exiting the alley. The girl was thin, but with an athletic build, which was easy to see since she was completely nude. She looked the older woman up and down, then spoke in a flat, emotionless voice. "Your clothes. Give them to me."
  • Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by Richard Lobinske (Part 1): "Please tell me that you're going to be gaming and not using it to watch CGI porn. If you're going to do that, have a little self-respect and get a real stripper."
  • Invisible Love, by Charliefox2012 (Parts 9 and 10): The idea of Jane being with a guy made his heart seize painfully. And he knew that he was in trouble if he was starting to have feelings for his best and only friend. I can’t like her! This can’t happen! She is just a friend and a good one at that. I will not ruin this with a stupid crush. (
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Mini: Fundamental Attribution Error, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): Jane once told me that Daria will help someone in need, that she can be a soft touch. And I heard that when Daria was at USAES, she made out with all of the telepaths. Telepathically. I think.
  • A Night of Bells (but no Whistles), by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): "Well, I guess that I can call you an iron maiden now, huh?" "Oh, you're a real laugh riot."
  • Spirit of the Law, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "You're the Devil." Helen said it as a statement, not a question, and without a touch of fear in her voice. "I knew that I'd probably run into you sooner or later—but I thought I'd run into you at a hearing at the appellate level..."
  • Tears of the Cynic, by thatLONERchick (Part 1): Daria awoke in a fog. She lifted her head from the pillow, hair stuck to the side of her face and ruffled with sleep, to find a single glistening ruby perched upon the white linen pillowcase. Unease gripped the girl and the last fuzzy fingers of sleep fell away as she stared down at the blood droplet and slowly, a trembling hand traced her cheeks, lips, nose, chin. Nothing. Daria's eyes closed as her fingers wiped first tear duct, then the other. Red-tinged emerald eyes opened to the thick smear of blood across her fingers. Her heart fell, and she sighed. "Someone is going to die today."
  • Two Halves 5: Mall Rat Blues, by Dark Kuno (continued): “Mission accomplished,” the freckled boy announced. “You seem to still have a full set of teeth, so I doubt Brittany agreed to model bikinis for you,” commented Alex.
  • Unnamed story (Ryōri no Tetsujin (Iron Chef): Twit...errrrs), by Ajar (COMPLETE!): [too short to sample]
  • Unnamed story (Ryōri no Tetsujin (Iron Chef): Twit...errrrs), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): [too short to sample]
  • Unnamed story (Ryōri no Tetsujin (Iron Chef): Twit...errrrs), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): [too short to sample]
  • Unnamed story (Something That Popped into My Head (Damn tvtropes)), by Gouka Ryuu (COMPLETE!): It couldn’t possibly be true. That’s what Daria thought to herself from the moment she read the letter and all the information in the packet she had received in the mail about a week ago. The mantra was still going through her mind as she tried to decide whether this all thing was a good idea or not.
This concludes the year 2009 in Daria fanfiction. Thank you for being with us. Just ahead: 2010. Peace out.


The Angst Guy said...

As you might guess, Pinhead and UU provided the image. Thanks, dudes! :)

The Angst Guy said...

OOPS! Seem to have screwed up the web addresses for every single story. Not sure how I did that. I'm fixing it now, really!

undefinedlust said...

My apologies for creating an IC that nobody titles there stories for and the actual responses are too short to sample (although Roentgen's was damn funny!)

The Angst Guy said...

"Unnamed" was, for me, the best story of the year.