Tuesday, January 26, 2010

G'day, Oz!

Jesse, still shirtless, poses as Crocodile Dundee in honor of Australia Day. Cheers to all Daria fans in Oz! A reflection on Australia Day is offered on PPMB by Deref, a long-time fan.

This is also the birthday anniversary of celebrated SF writer Philip Jose Farmer, who created the Wold-Newton family of which Jane Lane is a part, as least in my opinion. (The last link explains all.)

WARNING: Superfan and webmaster Wraith reports that the Daria fandom site Sick Sad World has been hacked. He is repairing the damage, and we will report when the site is back up.

A PPMB art thread that began with an innocent request for images of Amy Barksdale has turned into a month-long discussion / argument over assumed breast sizes among various Daria inhabitants. If this issue is relevant to your interests, you know what to do.

Ranger Thorne, long live his name, has started an amusing thread about student superlatives (most likely to succeed, etc.). Please visit and contribute!

Moar when I figure out what to post.

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The Angst Guy said...

Thanks again to Pinhead and UU for the image!