Thursday, January 21, 2010

...and then they went to Kitty Heaven

Eight years ago today, the last Daria movie was aired. Is It College Yet? drew appreciative reviews and a last interview. It's funny now to think that my time in this fandom did not begin until three months after the show went off the air. Weird.

In that last interview, Daria is asked, "Once you're in college, do you think that you'll find the happiness that has eluded you for, really, all your life?" She frowns and replies, "Why do people assume I'm unhappy just because I mope around all the time, saying snide things in a deadpan voice? I find that very judgmental. But in answer to your question: God, I hope so."

Today is also National Hug Day, about which Daria says this... and also this. 'Nuff said.

And finally this is the birthday anniversary of actor Telly Savalas, best known for his starring role in Kojak, a TV crime drama from the 1970s. I used to watch that, and it was pretty good. Kevin gives us his best imitation of Mr. Salavas as NYC police detective Kojak at left. Kinda surprised they did that as an alter ego, but Telly Savalas was a cool guy, too. (The big version of this image can be had by clicking on the little one.) Who loves ya, baby?

Thanks as always to UU and Pinhead for the marvelous images!

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