Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long, Long Time Ago...

Eight years ago tonight, "Look Back in Annoyance" was shown on MTV. A 30-minute retrospective of Daria's five seasons, the show was put together by Glenn Eichler and Anne D. Bernstein. The title is a pun based on the British play/movie Look Back in Anger, from the 1950s. Lots of fourth-wall breaking, clever quips, and memories. All this just before the final series installment: Is It College Yet?

This day marks an anniversary in fanfiction-land. Twenty-seven years ago today, someone died who was very important to Daria in one of her many alternate universes. Know who it was? The answer lies here.

Pinhead the Great has posted several artworks based on "The Omega Jane." Wah-hooo!!!!


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