Monday, January 11, 2010

Let there be ART!

It's time again for 2010's all-new


(in no special order)
Did you ever wonder who came up with the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of the original Star Trek, with the counterclock universe with the evil bearded Spock? This very popular episode has been imitated and parodied in everything from South Park to Futurama to Daria fanfiction (here, here, and here in scene 67). Today is the 87th birthday anniversary of Jerome Bixby, the genius Hollywood writer who dabbled in SF writing and created meme after meme in doing so. He's the reason why evil universe animated characters are frequently given goatees. So now you know.

J. K. Rowling finished the last Harry Potter book three years ago today. We won't even go into all the Daria/Harry Potter crossovers, there are trillions of them.

A few Daria fanfics take place during January, when high school and college are back in session. A few January-based, school-related tales appear below. "Fizz Ed" probably took place (in part) in January, which we know thanks to mention of the Super Bowl. Jake Morgendorffer, a Capricorn, might have been born this month, too.

High School
In other January fandom events, Kara Wild wrote an essay on The Triangle, "The Other Side of the Kiss", seven years ago this month. The Irony Maiden, a beloved U.K. fansite, closed its doors last year at this time.

The first fanfiction update for 2010 is coming very soon.


The Angst Guy said...

Thanks to UU and Pinhead again for the great image!

The Angst Guy said...

...and is it no surprise that 2009's absolute best new artists, who turn out to be some of 2009's best authors as well, already have artwork up? I love this fandom!

Pinhead said...

And fandom love you.