Friday, October 25, 2013

Artober! Fanart Updates for October

I decided to make the very first Fanart Updates post beginning with all the artwork dating back to the first of the month (and slightly earlier to get a few more pieces under the wire).  After this one, I'll try my best to keep a weekly update on what's new in the fanart department.

And so it begins!

* Peetz5050 used his great photo-manipulation skills to produce a movie poster for his fanfic, "One Little Thing" on September 30th.  Full image can be seen here, and be sure to read the tiny print!

* Wouter started his own art compilation thread in late September.  His traditional-style Halloween contribution this year features Daria, Jane, and Kevin (with a surprise ending for Kevin!) and was posted on October 20th.

  • On the 22nd, a new thread for sharing art of Daria on deviantART was started to continue the search for new art outside of the PPMB.

* Ashk09 contributed a few pieces during the month!  On October 2nd, he posted his artwork portraying Jane out for a run.  On the 8th, he shared a Daria piece that went "horribly wrong", if you know what I mean.  Two days later, he made the thread fashionable with this piece depicting Sandi!  And last but not least, on October 16th, he shared his two versions of "Rock Daria" from peetz5050's story "One Little Thing".

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