Thursday, November 19, 2009

At Least He Wasn't Named After Marmaduke

James A. Garfield, who overcame the handicap of being named after a fat orange comic-strip cat to become President of the U.S.A. in the late 1800s, was born a long time ago today in the early 1800s. We mention him here only because the Sick, Sad Life Planner had a comment from Jane Lane about President Garfield, and we are proud to bring you Jane's comment in its entirety. Quinn Morgendorffer, on the other hand, prefers to offer her thoughts about Calvin Klein, who was also born on this day but not such a long time ago.

Oh, and the Gettysburg Address is now 146 years old.

And even more importantly, this is Daria Morgendorffer's birthday according to some mythologies. Let's see, if she was 19 in 1999, she's 29 today. Party on!

Aaaaand this is International Men's Day. Who thought that up? Heck, every day is International Men's Day! I mean, seriously.

Vlora has posted a link to her Daria art. Wow! Thanks! And Pinkminx needs your vote to decide which story she should finish first. What are the other writers doing? Click and see.


ticknart said...

Sarah Drew guested on last night's Glee! That was a happy surprise.

Anonymous said...

The Gettysburg Address is 146 years old?
That means the United States of America is 233. Where does the time go?

Disco316 said...

James Abram Garfield, known primarily for being shot by a disappointed officeseeker, as pointed out by Robert Klein. "Look in the encyclopedia under Garfield, James Abram: it says 'See Officeseeker, Disappointed'"