Monday, August 11, 2008

An Aside to the Fashion Watchers

I did notice in "Just Add Water" that Tiffany wears the best-looking outfit she was ever drawn with: a nice black evening gown with a Chinese look. The hair, the outfit, very nice. Beats the hell out of everything all other other Fashion Clubbers wore at any time during the show.

Do you disagree? Tough. Black is back.

More soon. Sorta busy at home right now. Talk amongst yourselves.

Oh, right: Richard Lobinske updated the 2008 Fan Art Listing! (PPMB, SFMB). And DJPotatoe presents a fanwork of Quinn that, well, let's just say that now I know why the Three Js were after her all the time. Well done!

And Ms. Kinnikufan's Iron Chef: Pet the Dog, is drawing some, um, uh, unusual, um, responses. Not unusual for this fandom, true, but in a greater and more worldly sense, yes, unusual.
  • The Young Switcheroo, by Smileyfax (Part 6): Aside from a sentence in which both characters are called "Jane" (oops!), continues to be awesome to the win power. Go, go, go!

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