Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's Happenin'

For some months now, I've had a pet project categorizing the whole spectrum of Daria fanfiction to see what kind of stories Daria fans like to write. (I'm nowhere near done.) The current results, per the above link, show that fanfic writers here have a very wide range of interests. I am fond of saying that writing Daria fanfic is like writing haiku, in that both types of writing have limitations put upon them, but the writer still has great freedom within those boundaries to create an infinite number of unique works.

There is a broader purpose to all of this fiddling around, which is to bring attention to fanfics that might not otherwise be widely read. With every category of fanfiction added to the "Fanwork Conventions" listing on DariaWiki, I've made an effort to list good examples. To do that, one has to go through loads of stories first and see which examples are "good."

If you happen to be a DariaWiki surfer and know a lot of good stories, you are welcome to contribute examples to the various Fanwork Conventions (Dramatic Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Scriptfic, Reinvention, Crossover, Crackfic, Melodrama, etc.). In addition to better known stories, try to find some early Daria fanfics that are worth resurrecting. The more good stuff, the merrier for us all. [NOTE: Please do not add good examples of Squickfic! Please! Eww!]

And if you can think of new Fanwork Conventions, new ways to think about fanfics that will increase our appreciation for what we are doing, go for it. I plan to add a page for Horror soon, with a subcategory for Zombiefics, which I think is long overdue now.

Party on, people.


Ranchoth said...

Re: Zombiefics...let me just say, this probably is about the right time for new additions. :)

jtranser said...

You need a new fic category: WTF. You can put my stuff in there. (A suggestion from one of my readers).

The Angst Guy said...

WTF is "crackfic." And yes, your stuff would go there. That's a compliment, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Said reader also asked me to make it stop.