Friday, August 15, 2008

"Road Worrier": When It Happened

Ah, the screaming crowd, the crashing guitars, the overpriced souvenirs, the long lines at the restrooms: nothing says "misery" like a rock concert. We know when "Road Worrier" took place, thanks to the poster in The Daria Diaries, but in what year?

Richard Lobinske pointed out in an essay that the only time during Daria that August 15-17 fell on a Friday through Sunday (as it does this year) was in 1997. This makes hash out of the idea that the Morgendorffers came to Lawndale in the fall of 1997, but that's how it goes.

However, if it took place in 1998 (ten years ago today!), it ran over a Saturday, Sunday, & Monday weekend, which isn't so bad. School was out, so teens could go all three days. Works for me.

So play some loud rock music this weekend and celebrate the shipping that wasn't (Daria/Trent, I mean). Listen to Sigourney, Crease, and Ciggie Butt. Write a fanfic about Ciggie Butt (what a great band name!). And wonder where the heck Swedesville is, anyway. More soon.


the nightgoblyn said...

What about that "The Remaining Members of Foam Party" line? Looks like there could be a story there, too.

The Angst Guy said...


It's not just for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between-meal snacks anymore!