Monday, August 18, 2008

When I Saw You Standing There

"Jane, have you considered homeopathy?"

"I'm going to stick with guys for now, but thanks for asking."

Nine years ago there was "Jane's Addition," the end of the third season. The title probably didn't make much sense until five minutes into the story, and there he was.

I never saw this episode until way, way later. Funny to think now of all the different ways it could have gone.

Tom Sloane wasn't that bad a guy, really. Worse was done by others on the series. I pretend not to like him, but the truth is . . . he's kind of lukewarm, so-so, eh. If there hadn't been a triangle, what would have happened then? Wish he could have been more. Wish it could have been different.

Anyway, Tom's first appearance is nine years old today. Cheers, and happy Monday.

Oh, right: MMan brought up an interesting topic on PPMB. It came up in a fanfic once, but there's a lot more to be said about it. What if Daria were aired today? How would the show be different? More opinions are needed.

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