Friday, August 1, 2008

An August Moment

It's sunny August, named for the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. A good many Daria fanfics were either written at this time or take place at this time in the past. For example, "Smoking Mirror" takes place in August 2001 for the most part, and "Lawndale Arrival" was written one year ago this month. August figures in canon, too: Helen and Jake spent a night in jail in Boulder, Colorado, in August 1969 ("That Was Then, This Is Dumb"), and Tom Sloane and his family spend August with their Aunt Mildred at The Cove (Is It Fall Yet?). August was also when the last episodes of Daria in each season often appeared. The first Jeep, the vehicle that Kevin Thompson prefers, rolled off the assembly line 67 years ago today.

And August 1st is the birthday of MTV, which gave us Daria in the first place. Happy 27th birthday, MTV. You don't look a day over . . . mmm, whatever.

Where have all the Daria essays gone? A new page on DariaWiki offers some possible answers.


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Anonymous said...

I rediscovered Daria (after having watched a few episodes from the premier and then forgetting about it) in August, a marathon of eps that led up to the premier of Is It Fall Yet.

(Fun fact: When watching Dye, Dye, My Darling, I literally did a spit take at the kiss).