Monday, August 25, 2008

The Best of Sick, Sad World . . . from the Fanfics!

Nothing important happened today in history to Daria fandom, so far as known, so we will take a sojourn through my personal favorite Sick, Sad World blurbs . . . not from the show, but from the fanfics! Some terrific original show previews have appeared over the years, so to the best of my ability (to use Google, that is), these immortal lines are offered here. You of course are free to offer your own favorite SSW announcements in the Comments section. All hail the mighty power of Daria fans!

(Click on the numbers to get the fanfics these blurbs came from. Minor editing sometimes applied. This offer void where prohibited.)
  • "He had several bionic limbs installed . . . but now he uses all of them to cheat on his girlfriend! The busy body, now on Sick, Sad World." (1)
  • "This bird could be the answer to the nationwide shortage of hot wings . . . if anybody can catch it! Supersonic chickens, when Sick, Sad World returns." (2)
  • "Subliminal mind control! The Taco Bell Dog: just a cute Chihuahua or one sick puppy? Next on Sick, Sad World!" (3)
  • "Squirrels that can skeletonize a buffalo in thirty seconds? The piranhas of the prairies, next, on Sick, Sad World!" (4)
  • "Now, that's one praying mantis! Bugs for Jesus, next on Sick, Sad World!" (5)
  • "Urine in canned processed cheese? Find out why it's call Cheese 'Whiz,' on the next Sick, Sad World!" (6)
  • "Is there anything spooky about the frequency of new releases by dead artists? Decomposing, next on Sick, Sad World." (7)
  • "Small-town police bust a ring of elderly gigolos. Gropin' grandpas, next on Sick, Sad World!" (8)
  • "She took his heart . . . and burned it! Kali cults in America! Tonight on Sick, Sad World." (9)
  • "Good thing the show wasn't The Nutcracker! The lesson of low-bid leotards! Next, on Sick, Sad World." (10)
More to come. There are tons of these. I might even continue this through tomorrow night, since nothing important happened tomorrow, either.
  • The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants, by medea42 (COMPLETE!): “Quinn, it’s not what it looks like–we were just–” (PPMB) [NOTE: This story makes perfect sense to me.]
  • Is It Graduation Yet?, by MandeeMistress (Parts 2 and 3): More Daria/Trent shipperiness for all who love it!
  • Summer Moves, by MandeeMistress (Part 1): The first summer home from Raft, Daria decides to bring her roommate Harper back to Lawndale to meet a couple of her old friends, leaving out one minor fact about Harper. [NOTE: Story has since been removed from]


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