Sunday, August 10, 2008

Prepare for a Knockout

A mere 105 years ago today, Ward Moore (no relation) was born. He became among other things a science-fiction writer, and is renown today for producing one of the greatest alternate-history stories ever: Bring the Jubilee, a tale of what happened after a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. Given some of the AU stories in Daria fandom about the Confederacy, fans might wish to find this book, considered a cornerstone of SF writing, and give it a good read. I loved it.

SFMB is getting spambot posts all over the place. If anyone knows how to delete those posts, please do. Other message boards should take notice. The sad news is, the recent spambot posts outnumber the recent legitimate posts. A sign of the times, I guess.
  • The Young Switcheroo, by Smileyfax (Part 5): Rather than give a synopsis of this chapter, let me say instead that we have a winner here, and it is a hell of a winner. A brilliant AU in progress, a must-read from the very beginning. Smileyfax has an update on all of his unfinished stories at his profile.

  • Avenging, by Lorenzo Sauchelli (Part 16): "When was the last time you executed a Tom?" (I love this line. It's classic. Wild story, too.)
  • Death Takes a Holliday, by TAG (COMPLETE!)
  • A Monster in the Unmaking, by Kristen Bealer (Part 1): Damn, right in the bull's-eye. Read this story. We finally get a look into the lives of the Taylors, and it will blow you away.
  • New Life, by legendeld (Part 12): “Now that you know, I’m dropping out of college and running off with Stacy," Daria told Quinn. "Trent’s going to drive us to our new life in paradise but I promise we’ll send him back as soon as we get bored with him.” Ouch!
  • A Simple Makeup Kit, by Richard Lobinske (COMPLETE!): This story should have been canon. Dead, solid perfect, 11 out of 10.
  • Stacy Rowe, Seeker (Part II), by jtranser (continued): Luhrman Barksdale has a short conversation with Upchuck about marketing. (Eww!)
  • Turnabout Confusion Part II: All The King's Horses, by Dennis: "Wednesday" added. This story is creepy good. Blood on the moon, indeed.


the bug guy said...

Teaser for the next John Lane story, Promises:

Fists on her hips and eyes glaring with great intensity, Daria said, "Not just no, Hell no. So far this year, I've endured a dance, that stupid cruise, a night trapped on a mountain by a blizzard, Homecoming Court, the Thompson's Football Barbeque and Brittany's 'I Got a C' party. I've seen more than enough of my fellow classmates and I am not going to the prom."

Knowing that it had been a futile effort, Jodie said, "Okay, okay. I was just asking."

"And I was just answering in the most unambiguous terms possible."

The Angst Guy said...

"Hey, Daria," said John. "Want to go to the prom?"

"Sure," she said. "Just let me gargle Drano before we leave."