Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Your Fifteen Minutes of Fame Are Up

Daria (left) does Andy Warhol for us, on this the 80th anniversary of his birth. Some fans might remember seeing Daria's painting of Jane as an earlier alter ego (right) from the TV show Daria. Clever, that. The idea is based on Warhol's colorful but disturbing portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

Speaking of birthdays, today is the (believe it or not) 17th birthday of the World Wide Web. Yes, it is. The Web came to life on the Internet this day in 1991, available to the public. Now, thanks to the WWW (and Al Gore), you can be anywhere on Earth and still be able to find a picture of a cat saying, "I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGR?" Amazing. We don't have flying cars or world peace, but lolcats are everywhere. Go figure.

Cataloger of the paranormal Charles Fort was born 134 years ago today. It is a certainty that Daria, by her known habits and interests, would know of Fort. He is mentioned in a nightmarish fanfic by Dervish ("An Ill Wind"), and one of his books on enigmas and unexplained events, The Book of the Damned, is mentioned in another fanfic. Anyone wishing to write a Daria fanfic involving the supernatural or the bizarre would do well to thumb through his works. He was not an occultist, but rather a researcher fascinated by reports of UFOs, ghosts, sea monsters, strange fossils, paranormal human powers, extraordinary weather (such as rains of frogs or fish), and so on.

Oh, and two long-running serial friends are still in the running!


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