Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy National Aviation Day, too!

Finally, Sandi Griffin reminds us that today is National Aviation Day, because it is Orville Wright's birthday.

Lawndale Online is BACK!!! And a new Daria website is open for business: Dariaverse.com! Low esteem for everyone! Start sending in your stories, essays, and everything! DariaWiki's newest page describes a very bad girl: Dawn Wilkins. The entry needs a physical description (she's not the Walkman-wearing Dawn), but is great.

Legendeld is ranting because of non-hurricane Fay. He asks a good question about why Tom went for Jane first instead of Daria. He thought artists were easy, maybe?

  • Starbright, by legendeld (Part 2): “Call me Synergy,” the purple haired girl said with a flourished bow.

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