Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yet Still More Show Promos, Next on Sick, Sad World!

Don't touch that dial!

  • "They pose as door-to-door salesman, but they turn house owners into frogs! I came, I saw, I conjured! Next, on Sick, Sad World." (21)
  • "Are disappointed TV fanatics taking the pipe upon hearing their favorite show's been canceled? Exhaust fans, next on Sick, Sad World." (22)
  • "Meet the renegade restaurateur who gave up a career at The Ritz for comedy on the rocks!" [On a nightclub stage, a man in a fancy tuxedo is pelted with tomatoes.] "The 'matered matre 'd, next on Sick, Sad World!" (23)
  • "Was the Hindenburg really an accident, or was it pushed by an evil blimp? Incorrigible dirigibles, next on Sick, Sad World." (24)
  • "He showed up in court with his briefs, but left his boxers at home! The nudist jurisprudist, next, on Sick, Sad World!" (25)
  • "What happens when a group of psychiatrists decides to make a career in music? The vocal stylings of Pink Freud, next on Sick, Sad World." (26)
  • "When veterinarians and restaurant owners become partners, just don’t ask about the hush puppies." [A cat runs across the shop counter, pursued by a nurse.] "Or the chili! When Sick, Sad World returns!" (27)
  • "What did the Bride of Frankenstein's family think of her main squeeze? Exclusive interviews, next on Sick, Sad World!" (28)
  • "Did Nostradamus predict who will win this Sunday's Super Bowl? We'll tell you here tonight, on Sick, Sad World!" (29)
  • "Meet the religious radio announcer . . . with five wives! It’s Mormon in the Mornin’, on Sick, Sad World." (30)

Stay tuned for more!

P.S. MartinUK is thinking about a trip to Seattle. Anyone up for a Dariacon there? See this PPMB thread.

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