Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Buzz on The Buzz

Remember Highland High Coach Bradley Buzzcut? What if he reappeared in Daria's life while she was in Lawndale or later in college in Boston? How might it happen they would meet again? Could he be a mighty superhero/villain from all the uranium he drank in the Highland water, or have we run that meme into the ground already? Maybe he's turned into a psychotic vigilante and thinks Daria was part of a plot against the government, because he heard that from Beavis and Butt-head. Run with it, I say.

Peter Guerin's essay, "American Animation's Finest Hour: Why 'Fire!' and 'Dye! Dye! My Darling' Have Reached a High-Water Mark for U. S. Cartoons," was written eight years ago today, shortly after DDMD aired. It makes for interesting reading in light of fan reactions to The Kiss.

Also, today is the anniversary of the birthday of Joseph Merrick, who became known as the Elephant Man because of his disease-caused deformities. In "I Loathe a Parade," Daria quotes something said by Merrick in a play written about him. That counts as an obscure reference to me. Wonder if she saw the play, read the script, etc. It figures she would know about it, as she had such an interest in biological deformities according to many canon sources. Might Daria have gone on to medical school one day?

More soon. Don't go away. Well, okay, for a little while then, but come right back.

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