Monday, December 8, 2008

The people who started the whole "self-insert" thing in this fandom

"The Transformed Staff" section of the MTV site had a flipbook by the same name, shortened to "Transformed." The contents are interesting and this is probably one of those flipbooks that would have done well with pictures. Here we go anyway. (Glenn Eichler is at right.)
  1. Brian Moyer, layout artist (First appeared as Doo Dad Shop employee in "Malled")
  2. Mike Baez, Character Designer (First appeared in "A Tree Grows in Lawndale")
  3. Amy Palmer, Producer (First appeared in "College Bored")
  4. Chris Costan, Color Supervisor (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  5. Shane Guenego, Production Assistant (First appeared in "Quinn the Brain")
  6. R.J. Murphy, Office Manager (First appeared in "Quinn the Brain")
  7. Kirk-Albert Etienne, Character Designer (First appeared in "Quinn the Brain")
  8. David Trexler, Production Manager (First appeared in "Quinn the Brain")
  9. Chris Prynoski, Director, Creator of MTV Downtown (First appeared in "Esteemsters")"
  10. George Brennan, Assistant Director, Celebrity Deathmatch (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  11. Cindy Brolsma, Producer (First appeared in "Quinn the Brain")
  12. Maria Rodas, Associate Producer (First appeared in "The Lost Girls")
  13. Lemon Krasny, Co-Producer (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  14. Karen Kunkel, Post Production Producer (First appeared in "Legends of the Mall")
  15. Lisa Collins, Production Coordinator (First appeared in "Daria Dance Party")
  16. Corey Block, Production Coordinator (First appeared in "Fire!")
  17. John Lynn, Studio Supervising Producer (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  18. Glenn Eichler, Executive Producer/Creator (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  19. Jody Schaeffer, Background Designer (First appeared in "The Daria Hunter")
  20. Tom Marsan, Art Director (First appeared in "I Loathe a Parade")
  21. Sophie Kitteredge, Colorist (First appeared in "Fair Enough")
  22. Karen Disher, Daria's supervising director designed this character and based it upon her very own self. “Burnout Girl” appeared in the original Daria pilot and is often seen roaming the halls of Lawndale High, lost in thought, much like Karen. (First appeared in the pilot)
Yeah, could have done with a lot more pictorial info here. So it goes.

And here's a picture of Kevin Thompson's Jeep. And The Pigskin Channel. And some nice Trent wallpaper on the back of this page. I notice that the Official Mystik Spiral Fan Club membership card was lost (not saved), but someone else saved it for us in another thread on PPMB, bless you!

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Anonymous said...

'Yeah, could have done with a lot more pictorial info here.' -- Definitely; it could've been fun looking for them in 'I Loathe a Parade', for example.