Monday, December 8, 2008

Burnout Girl's real name was . . . Burnout Girl

Yes, true, she's called Jennifer on Mr. O'Neill's seating chart in that first-season episode we all remember but whose name I have forgotten in one of my senior moments. She's also called Burnout Chick and a bunch of other stuff, too. However, the MTV staff just called her Burnout Girl.

The following is from the missing flipbook "Oh, the Obscurity!" (It was supposed to go here.) Some of these characters were detailed on a webpage in Sick, Sad World (the website), which Wraith lovingly saved for us all. The images he used are probably the ones used in the missing flipbook. (See here and here.)

I did minor editing on the text, which misspells "shoulder" and does a few other irksome things.
  1. COREY—Quinn found him somewhat amusing in "Esteemsters." But after showing up at her door in "Quinn the Brain" and fetching punch in "Daria Dance Party," he lost favor and was demoted to background character. (First appeared in "Esteemsters")
  2. BOY TEEN 8—The Daria artists like this mellow dude so much that he acquired the nickname "Shaggy." At Brittany's party in "The Invitation," he pops up in two places at once, defying physics. (First appeared in "Esteemsters")
  3. BURNOUT GIRL—Daria supervising director Karen Disher designed this character and based it upon her very own self. "Burnout Girl" appeared in the original Daria pilot and is often seen roaming the halls of Lawndale High, lost in thought, much like Karen. (First appeared in the pilot)
  4. DAWN—Officially known as "Girl Teen 6," this self-contained cutie is said to resemble a former office production assistant who quit to join the police force. Dawn was her name and so... (First appeared in "Esteemsters")
  5. BRIAN TAYLOR—You know how children of divorce often erroneously blame themselves for the breakup? In the case of Brittany's little brother, it's the rest of the family pointing the finger at him. (First appeared in "The Lab Brat")
  6. POPULAR GIRL—She can be seen standing with Tiffany and Stacy at Brittany's party in "The Invitation," holding forth on the nuances of popularity. She dropped out of sight shortly thereafter. (Sandi probably had something to do with it.) Note: She also plays volleyball in the show open. (First appeared in "The Invitation")
  7. BLIND MAN—He originally appeared as a blind man, but a miracle occurred and he later re-appeared as a sighted person in "I Don't." (First appeared in "Esteemsters")
  8. ADULT MALE 48—The rare Daria male brave enough to expose his chest hair, this disreputable character stole Trent's records in "That Was Then, This Is Dumb." (First appeared in "Monster")
  9. TED DEWITT-CLINTON—Daria's photo-happy "like interest" from "The New Kid" had corn in his yard…and rocks in his head, since he let our darling Daria get away. (First appeared in "The New Kid")
  10. GIRL TEEN 35—This frizzy-haired femme fatale was seen enthusiastically rubbing Kevin's chest (his shoulder pads, actually) in "This Year's Model." (First appeared in "This Year's Model")
  11. SAM AND CHRIS GRIFFIN—Sandi's bratty brothers are named after Daria scribes Chris Marcil and Sam Johnson, who went on to Hollywood to write for "real" shows. (First appeared in "Gifted")
Now, this is interesting. We get the dope on Shaggy, Burnout Girl, Dawn, Girl Teen 35, and Adult Male 48, who I've never heard of before. But I still think that the blind guy from "Esteemsters" is not the same person as was later shown in "I Don't" and wandering the store aisles in "Mart of Darkness." Click on "blind man" in the Labels section below for more.

Hmmm, I notice that there are even more flipbooks I have to track down. So be it, then.

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