Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth: Do You Know Where Your Karma Is?

This is the day for which a character in "A Hard Days' Night" is named. Swell kid. Little unpredictable, though.

It's also the 118th birthday anniversary of famed artist Grant Wood, who painted American Gothic, seen at right.

It's mid-February, about the time of year that the students of Lawndale High went to Montreal. Daria began to get the hots for Michael, Trent gets married, and the show was mentioned in TV Guide a decade ago.

Roentgen has written a marvelous scene that SHOULD be, but it's in the wrong thread. Read it and love it.

The immortal real-life Jane Lane, Anne D. Bernstein, has begun posting amusing things in her Buzzdome blog again. Enjoy.

  • Big Jake's Harley-Davidson, by Ranger Thorne (continued): Daria watched as Quinn rode off with Joey, Jeffy and Jamie trailing behind her. She’s got her own little motorcycle club, she thought. Of course, it’s not the bikes they’re really looking at. [Love this story.]
  • Cynic with a Vampire, by Peapotmaster (Part 3): “Eeeewww, what kind of meat is that?” Quinn asked Veronique. “It’s called blood sausage, and the red stuff is ketchup,” replied Veronique. [Riiiiiiight.]
  • LATIFA: In the King's Navy, by SoCalledGoodeGuy (Part 2): “So, Morgendorffer, eh?” Daria turned to see the short-haired girl who hadn’t jumped from her seat at the explanation of Project Starsword. The raven’s-wing black hair matched the uniform cloth, but a pair of clear blue eyes twinkled most unmilitarily in a face that held a sardonic smirk. “I’m Jane Lane. Looks like we’re roomies.”
  • Unfavorite Daughter, Richard Lobinske (COMPLETE!): "Oh, don't bother," one of two boys said as an auburn haired girl walked by them. "It's that brainy chick." [This is excellent!]

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