Sunday, February 22, 2009

On A Related Note

Since mammaries are also associated with motherhood (and thus provide a great reason for boob jokes), we can also look at fanfiction that includes Daria as a mother or stories that examine various indentities of her actual mother. I've used the subject in several of my stories, such as "A Mother's Love" (which explains today's graphic), "Accidental Future", "Daria Von Doom" and "Generation Gap".

Other stories include TAG's "Pause in the Air", NightGoblyn's "Heather/Damsel Chronicles", and of course, Greystar's "The Longest Year".

There are plenty of others out there, let's hear from you what your favorites happen to be.

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The Angst Guy said...

Actually, I liked "A Mother's Love" best of all those noted, but I also liked Napalm Kracken's "Welcome Back" as a fresh take on Daria-as-mom. The Heather/Damsel Chronicles is very close behind them.