Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Sparkly Thoughts for Lovers

Kevin has a romantic thought to share, too.

In other news:

Disco316 has kindly listed all the nominations for best Daria Fanworks of 2008 in DariaWiki. Thank you for that!

Speaking of which, VOTE NOW in the runoff poll on PPMB for the best of a four-way tie in the awards.

Speaking of DariaWiki, more pages have been added and updated. Brother Grimace offers us Echo Base, Disco316 gave us Divaween, and Nighthawk updated Highland. All three (plus Doggieboy, Ranger Thorne, Vlademir1, and João Paulo Costa ) also worked on many other pages as well. Cheers to you!

Know of any (credible) research that's been done on the Daria fandom? Neither do I, but if you find some, tell everyone here about it.

If you have some fanfic-writing or fan-art-creating plans for 2009, tell everyone about it here, then get to work.

New fanfiction will be given in my next post. Do it to it!

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