Saturday, February 28, 2009

Forever Upchuck

Today is the birthday of the Voice of Upchuck: Geoffrey Arend. Rrrowrrr! He also voiced a number of minor characters, some of whom might surprise you. (Check the link.)

Two days ago on Thursday, it was the eighth sappy anniversary of the premiere of "Sappy Anniversary," from the fifth and last season of Daria. I wonder how else that episode could have turned out. Jake could have been kept on by Buzzdome Dot Com, Daria could have continued waiting for Tom to remember their six-month anniversary until she snapped and ran over him with her mother's SUV, UFOs could have landed, anything could have happened.

This is about the time of year that a story by Dennis takes place. Try to guess it before you click this link.

More soon. Gotta get stuff done here.

BACK! Undefinedlust posted two questions for Daria fandom: Which unfinished fanfic do you most want to see finished? & In whose world do you most want to play (i.e., write more stories about)? Read and respond!

Latest additions to DariaWiki: Cradle, by Brother Grimace, and Fife in the Fast Lane, by Disco316. Both Brother Grimace and Disco316, plus Dennis, DocForbin, Ranchoth, Doggieboy, and Drmike have given DariaWiki a good going-over. Thank you! More help is needed, if anyone else has time.
  • Liquid Diet, by Smileyfax (Part 6): They were at the PayDay, picking up a few items in bulk. Daria held a jumbo can of lighter fluid in one hand already, while Jane had a five-pound can of coffee. (The Lane household was running low on the stuff—she had no intention of battling vampires with it.)

  • Acts of Cupidity, by Disco316 (Part 4): “She drank his wine, he drank in her beauty, and then they drank each other’s blood! Love, Transylvanian Style, next on Sick Sad World!”
  • All in the Family...Guy, by peapotmaster (Part 2): "Life’s a bitch, and so am I."
  • Hearts, by UU (Part 1): "Sorry for waking you up and dragging you out of the house, but I needed company today," said Jane, mystery in her voice. (Story has been CONTINUED!)
  • John Lane 39: Leaving Summer (Part 1): "Good one, Morgendorffer," she said, sounding very much like her mother. "You're the dating expert; why didn't you see that coming?"
  • A New Set of Rules, by Dennis (Part 6): Dangerously close to a Daria/Kevin 'shipper, here. Wait! Look out! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! You mentioned Brittany and Kentucky in the same sentence! AAAAAAAAHH!!
  • Turnabout Confusion Part II: All The King's Horses, by Dennis (continued): "What do you think we should do?" Ted said, not needing to elaborate. They both knew what he was talking about.

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E. A. Smith said...

I have to say that, of all the unfinished fanfics, "The Longest Year" ranks at the top of my list of the ones I would like to see finished.

As for worlds in which I would like to play, I've already played in the one I wanted the most -- Daria itself. And if anyone wanted to use one of my worlds, they are more than welcome to them; I would see it as a complement. I can't see anyone ever wanting to use them, though; my "Love's Labours Lost" universe has no particularly distinguishing features to make it worthwhile appropriating, and the "Seven Days" universe is possibly too nihilistic (not to mention already being an appropriation of the Ring cosmos).