Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ouch! Those paintball thingies hurt!

"The Daria Hunter" premiered eleven years ago today. How many different ways could that class trip have turned out differently? One or more of the participants could have disappeared mysteriously. Daria and Jane come to mind, wandering away like they did. But what else? What alternate universes could have sprung from this episode? All I remember is that Brittany turned out to be Super Merc.

Part of this story takes place seven years ago today. Can you guess what it is before clicking the link? Moar l8r!


the nightgoblyn said...

Ah, Heinlein.

Disco 3:16 said...

That was the first time I'd seen that fic. The implications of Daria recruiting herself to give up her baby, who was also herself, are staggering, but it's a good read. (I'm not sure if that's in spite of or because of the paradoxism or whatever the word is.)

Gouka Ryuu said...

What if, in an interesting AU no one realized Sandi was left behind and she ended up being found a few days later, dead. Li qand the school would be sued, with good cause, by the Griffins and it could lead to some interesting complications when they win.