Thursday, February 26, 2009

Partner Acquisition

Jodie finds herself in Robo-Brittany's visual crosshairs when a school project is due and a new partner is needed, in "Partner's Complaint," the first fourth-season episode. It premiered nine years ago today. Daria sure is a touchy one in this story, isn't she? Not nice at all.

I seem to recall (perhaps wrongly) that the pseudo-RoboCop scene inspired a story in which Brittany is a robot, but I forgot everything else about it. Oh, well.

The episode had a curious effect on one Daria fan, Daniel Suni, who wrote the following story after watching "Partner's Complaint." It was his last fanfic, I believe. I've heard that fans came and went throughout the seasons, sometimes directly as a result of a particular episode. Anyone have a story about that, a personal experience or remembrance of an episode that ended a fan's fixation?

Latest DariaWiki page: Heartbeat in Iambic, by Dennis. (Great story, too.)

  • Acts of Cupidity, by Disco316 (Part 3): Quinn Morgendorffer walked down the stairs, dressed to the nines. She greeted each of the boys before her. “Hi Joey, Jeffy, Jermaine.” Jamie White frowned. “It’s Jamie!”


the smk chick said...

This post is so insightful and witty, it has changed my life.

undefinedlust said...

I suppose it is a divisive episode, but I have a hard time seeing it as a "jump the shark" moment.

The episode is probably a notable one for hardcore Daria/Jane shippers because it shows Daria at her jealous worst. Yes she was jealous and bitchy in See Jane Run, but she was also right about Evan, the test byes and all that. This episode was very different. Daria's behavior can only really be construed as jealousy.

Of course the Daria/Jane shippers see the base reasons in a different light than others, but nonetheless, this episode is probably Daria at her worst.

Personally I like the episode, because it reminds us that no one is entirely sympathetic. To me, almost everyone looked bad to some degree in the ep.

As far as episodes that would lead one to give up on Daria... well obviously I don't have any that made me quit, but I do generally try to pretend Is It College Yet? was never made.

For me, there is really nothing good to be said about that movie. It irritates the hell out of me, particularly the Daria/Tom breakup. Wasn't it pretty much the exact same breakup as Is it Fall Yet? The Sloane's are snobs, Tom looks down his nose at Jane, elitism sucks etc etc.

Actually the breakup was much better and made more sense in Is it Fall... That one killed me in that Jane talked Daria into giving Tom a second chance. That always seemed fake, unnatural and unrealistic to me...

Neither made me quit loving the show, but they were the low points for me

E. A. Smith said...

I think Suni's problem with the episode was that Daria actually apologized for her behavior. Oh, God, no! We can't have a cynical heroine who actually admits she might be in the wrong occasionally!

The Angst Guy said...

This post is so insightful and witty, it has changed my life.

Well, duh, of course! I wrote it!