Sunday, December 23, 2007

Checking Up on the Blog Viewers

The company providing the little free stat counter at the bottom of this page offers a few statistics on what sorts of visits have been made here. It doesn't tell who dropped by, but I do know that this blog has been getting about 70 visits a day since December 12th, and an average of 42 different visitors per day. Most of the referrals come from links on DariaWiki's front page, PPMB, and SFMB. The majority of known visitors are American, with a smattering of Canadian, British, and Argentinian folks as well; however, a large number of visitors cannot be distinguished by country, so all the Australians are probably in that group. About 10-15% of all visits per day are probably from me, adding entries and checking up on Comments.

Now if I could only figure out how to use this information. . . . eh, I'm not selling anything, so it doesn't matter. Drop in anytime!


Lorenzo said...

Vamos, vamos, Argentina!


Let's hope the visitors keep growing in numbers.

The Angst Guy said...

I can track visitors to my fanfic website at and have found that most visitors (of course) are American, with second place taken from month to month by either Canadians, Australians, or British/Europeans. I'm happy to have anyone come by at all.

It must be confessed that I've been trying to stir up more public interest in Daria fandom by posting links to this website on various message boards, without trying to be too spammy about it, in hopes that people will come here, use the link menu at left, and join (or rejoin) the fan base. One can always hope.