Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random Fanfic Idea #15

The Daria Database shows that Daria sends e-mail to acquaintances all over the world, probably people she met online but has never seen in person. She knows a Nicole in Canberra, Australia, who has "criminal ancestry"; a Boris in Minsk, Belarus, who seems to be a university student with a penchant for making potentially dangerous homemade vodka (and is planning to visit the U.S. in the fall); a Cecil who lives on his father's tobacco farm in Zimbabwe; and of course Rhonda the tomahawk murderer, awaiting her appeal in Kinsington Prison. (It's amusing that the first pen pal encountered in the book is from Australia and the last is from Zimbabwe, the literal A-to-Z of world nations.)

Rhonda has appeared in several fanfics in different forms, but to my knowledge none of Daria's other e-mail pals has ever shown so much as the end of his/her nose in any story. (If I am wrong, please set me straight.) That's sort of weird, since here you have several thumbnail character descriptions all ready to go, with names, ripe for development in nearly any direction the author wishes to take, and they're just sitting there. Such a shame. So much story, nothing happening. [sigh] You get the message.

Speaking of Australia, Deref has sent in some interesting photos of a local museum that have begun to acquire rude captions from PPMB readers. You may wish to check that out to liven up your day, and feel free to contribute your own captions. The worst possible one has surely not yet been written. It's all up to you.


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