Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better to Hear Sarcasm Than Music

"Daria! The Musical" premiered eleven years ago today, all the singing and dancing and fourth-wall breaking you could possibly handle.

And, just before the start of the fifth season nine years ago today, MTV showed the Sarcastathon 3000. The Sarcastathon 3000 will be on the Daria DVDs, hooray! So we will be treated to marvelous shots like these. (Click each letter in order.)

It must be confessed that "Daria!" was my least favorite episode of all. "Depth Takes a Holiday" was far better and more fun. Just putting that out there.

On with the fanfics!
  • NEW! Brittany Wants Daria, by a440 (Part 2): "So your mom invited Eep Eep It's The Road Runner to spend a weekend with you and Quinn, huh?" said Jane, while she and Daria ate their fill at The Pizza King.
  • NEW! Oblivious, by JohnnyStyle (COMPLETE!): “What’s your view on same-sex marriages?” Tricia Gupty asked her parents.
  • NEW! Daria: The Untold Story, by Ajar (continued): “Nocturnal Emissions” was an upcoming MTV late-night talk show that was never aired due to contractual issues with Carson Daly. The use in Daria was an early example of viral marketing.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 33: Independence, by HolyGrail2007: Is this my relationship? Tom thought as he kept his eyes on the road. With his beat-up old car, he didn’t like to talk while driving. But now he wanted the quiet. Daria had been acting weirdly ever since the relationship started. Between their kiss in the first place, the hurt reactions of Jane and Finn, and Daria’s own awkwardness, Tom started to wonder if he had made a dreadful mistake.
  • First Day of School, by Roentgen (Part 2): The professor was the very animated Mr. Anderson, a young black man with short cropped hair. He would attack the board with a fury for a few seconds and then lecture to the class for five minutes before returning to his pride and joy, to covering the board with mathematical arcana.
  • It's All About the Intention, by Psychotol (continued): “Excuse me,” said Agent Fury. He made his way through the facility until he arrived in reception where an army Brigadier General Morgendorffer stood wearing Agent Pryde like a feather boa. “Are you by any chance missing one selectively intangible agent?”
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Special: Tokusatsu Team Up! by LSauchelli (continued): "Okay big guy, any ideas?" blurted out Daria as she tried to do her best to hold off the undead goblins with her mental powers. The tall, green-haired Japanese boy grinned in excitement at Daria’s question. "I just have one thing to say!" he explained and produced a weird green crystal ball from his pocket. Daria noticed some sort of glowing leaf inside of it. "Henshin go, go baby!"
  • A Reaper in the Wind, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): Daria reached the middle of the field and squatted down. She started to take supplies from her belt pouches. Mustard seed, a scrap of cloth, vial of aromatic sap and a small bottle of mint tea. Daria pulled the crystal around her neck out from under her shirt. "You know, I really don't know what this is going to do to me. Some magic takes a lot out of you, so..." "Don't worry," Tom said. "I'm keeping an eye on you."
  • NEW! Teenage Wasteland, by Yorsh01 (Part 1): Maybe it would be a good idea to see this show, Total Drama Island 2. If the name lives to the expectations, it will be a nice train wreck to watch. Jane took her paint brushes and some acrylic paints and began attacking the blank canvas before her. (Daria/Total Drama Island) (
  • Upchuck's Nightmare, by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): “He took part in a secret experiment to become a sex god! Now he is one, and the ladies are killing him! The Reluctant Satyr, next on Sick, Sad World Live.”

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