Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Lupercali-fragilsticexpialidocious!

Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day, which apparently began as a Roman love-lottery for young people. Today is Lupercalia, which is a much older and far more kinkier (not necessarily in a good way) fertility celebration the Romans particularly liked. Reading about the origins of the word "February" gave me a completely new view of the whole affair. Thank goodness we now send cards to loved ones instead of whipping them with strips of dead goat skin. At left we see Beavius Maximus (wearing the traditional goatskin toga) about to indulge in Lupercalia frolics. In his dreams.

As a prelude to its third season of Daria, MTV had the Daria Day 99 marathon of episodes eleven years ago today. It began at 10 a.m. and went all day long. Sorry now that I missed it. Coincidentally, C.E. Forman completed "Alienation Legacy" that same day.

The entry for canon-character Robert at Backgrounders has been updated and appears to be complete (for the moment). More Backgrounders info to come!

Hmm, I didn't realize that the old fan page for Daria on Facebook had mutated into the official MTV fan page. Works for me. (Note to MTV: Thank you for the DVDs!)


The Angst Guy said...

I was so proud of that title. I bet no one understood it.

E. A. Smith said...

Any fan of Shakespeare knows about the Lupercal. At least, we know that on the Lupercal, Caesar was "thrice presented a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse". Any more knowledge would probably take some acquaintance with Roman history, but that's worth it just for the mental image of young men running through the streets whipping random strangers with straps of dried goat skin.

Or maybe that's just me. ;-P

The Angst Guy said...

I was talking about MARY POPPINS, not SHAKESPEARE!

I knew no one would get it. If anyone needs me I'll be off sulking.