Friday, February 26, 2010

The Sap of "Sappy Anniversary"?

Noak Barkman, a figure who rarely appears in Daria fanfiction, the whiz kid of Buzzdome-dot-com in "Sappy Anniversary." A smart entrepreneur or another washout when the dot-com bubble burst? More fanfiction would help decide the issue. "Sappy Anniversary" debuted nine years ago today on MTV.

Famous, relevant birthdays today: Tex Avery, who lifted the animated medium to new heights, was born 102 years ago; and Levi Strauss, who gave us blue jeans (so Daria had something to wear in "Road Worrier") appeared 181 years ago. Well done.

Kemical Reaxion is back! And she's unveiled a great new version of Quinn, drawn in the style of a famous 20th-century pop artist. See if the image looks vaguely familiar...

  • Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 9): While Quinn and Jake were looking around the store, Jane was pleasantly surprised to hear the door open for another customer. She was more surprised to see who was there. "Tom Sloane?" "Jane Lane," he said, walking in and letting the door close. I heard through the grapevine that you were back in town."
  • Folie à deux, by Charliefox2012 (Part 3): “Darla!” Quinn snapped. “Evie!” Evie corrected sharply. Daria sighed, irritated. “Both of you quit it. Or, I’m going to make sure you both have accidents concerning the stairs.” “Whoa, death threats. What did we do to you?” Evie said surprised.
  • The Hallowed Halls of Fielding, by Roentgen (Part 8): "Quinn - that is, if I might call you Quinn? Got to move quickly in this world you know, fast friends and all that? Anyways, Mater and Pater were thinking of taking the old wooden scow out to sea in Crabtown. With fall break coming up, let me say that you would be definitely invited—hee hee— 'on board' as they say, nautically. The sea salt is good for your skin, or so they say. Not that you'd need it of course, but you know, 'every little bit'. And there are definitely places to eat and things to see along the meandering path."
  • Into the Fray, by Minx (Chapter 3): Quinn lay still for a moment before saying, “Don’t you think it’s a little weird?” “What?” Daria replied. “The way everyone is carrying on as if nothing happened. Do you think that maybe they don’t know?” [More here!] (


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