Saturday, February 6, 2010

Politics in the Good Old Days

A mere 254 years ago, Aaron Burr was born. He grew up to be the first (and last) Vice President of the United States who was legally allowed to shoot his political opponents dead. Sadly, the laws were changed after Burr's famous duel with duel-loser Alexander Hamilton (former Secretary of the Treasury), and now Vice Presidents are only allowed to shoot people by accident. I am not sure if Kevin (at left) is supposed to be Aaron Burr, but it's the closest alter ego there is to him, so it will do.

This is the 115th birthday anniversary of Babe "The Big Bambino" Ruth, not the candy bar but the baseball guy. The candy bar was not named for him. It's a long story.

And this is the 58th anniversary of the most peculiar royal succession ever, when Princess Elizabeth climbed into a giant treehouse in Kenya and was there notified that she had just become Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. She went up a princess, came down a queen. And people say there's no such thing as magic. Disney must have had a hand in this, you know he did.

And if you're heading over to Facebook's Daria page, the official one by MTV, say hi to one of our own! Thanks, Kara!

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The Angst Guy said...

As always, the Kevin image is courtesy of UU and Pinhead. U r0k!!!