Monday, February 8, 2010

Live the Cyberadventure!

Fourteen years ago was the most awesome cyber-event ever (for a little while): 24 Hours in Cyberspace! All of 14 years ago. Primitive, man. They must have used tin cans on strings. Dinosaur era.

This is also the birthday anniversary of Jules Verne, famed pioneer of SF writing. He was the inspiration for this story.

MidnightStorm has pointed out that Glitter Berries is difficult to reach now at Could it have gone offline?

  • The Prodigal Daughter, by a440 (Parts 1 and 2): From the Lawndale Sun-Herald: FAMILY FOUND DEAD AFTER BEAR ATTACK - What started out as a hunting trip in the wild turned into tragedy when Douglas Thomson, his wife Charlene, and their son Kevin were found dead as a result of a bear attack...
  • collar, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): Everything was delicious, as Sandi had come to expect it would be. Stacy often spent several hours in preparation for breakfast, more than she did for any other meal. She would work the previous night, preparing what parts could be set up and stored, followed by an early start making sure that everything came out perfect. (SFMB)
  • NEW! Daria: Hunter—Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): Quinn Morgendorffer was a predator, sleek and grinning, never stopping, and devouring everything in her path.
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): "When you're a small child, Reality is everything your mom says. Then you get older, and Reality takes on different meanings and aspects...."
  • Fight Like Hell, by Shull Bitter (Part 1): "I'm sorry," Jake told Daria. "But there is something terrible I need to tell you. I swear to God I wish I didn't have to. I don't want to do to you what Mad Dog did to me. But it's either you or Quinn."
  • NEW! Finn Morgendorffer 31: The Artist, The Boyfriend, The Bitch, and Her Brother, by HolyGrail2007 (Parts 2 and 3): “What did you do to get her help?” “The most horrific thing known to man.” “Sleep with her?” Jane’s eyes widened. “Oh God, it does get worse!”
  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 9): "Shot to pieces. Burnt into ash. I exercised my last option. I am dead, dead, dead, no two ways about it." (Daria/World of Null-A)
  • The Glory of the Gridiron, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "After decades and decades of games, the history of sports competition has led up to this sorry spectacle. From Lane County Stadium, the Jane Lane Broadcasting Network brings you... JANE BOWL ONE!"
  • Stacy X, by Sir (COMPLETE!): Stacy aimed the heavy chunk of black metal (guns were really unfashionable and ugly) at Sandi’s stunned face and pulled the trigger (breaking a nail in the process). There was a deafening BANG! and then a blinding flash of light (at this moment Stacy felt like God). Stacy looked on with a goofy grin plastered on her face as the 513th official Fashion Club meeting turned into scene from Hell.
  • A Ticket to Ride, by Doggieboy (Part 4): Ted then opened the blouse and looked at her reflection in the mirror. He nodded and smiled. “Like what you see?” Linda asked and closed up the lipstick tube. “Very much so,” he said.
  • And Then I'll Make It Clear, by Minkhollow, formerly known as Cimorene (COMPLETE!): Jane sighs, and takes a few pictures of another gravestone. Even knowing what Puritan naming traditions were like, Daria still can't fathom why anyone ever thought "Increase" was a good name for their son. Daria lets her evade the question a while longer. Just when she's on the point of saying something again, Jane stops dodging the point on her own.


Quiverwing said...

MAY 11!!! MAY 11!!! NO ONE has UPDATED yet??!! Gee, TAG. You could USE a contributor like ME around here. :D

The Angst Guy said...

If you would like to become a blogging partner here, you are more than welcome to join. Srsly. Let me know, and I will send you the info.

CAP said...

Oddly enough, I reread "Forgotten but not Gone" just this past Saturday. Still my favourite fanfic.