Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isn't Beer What College Is All About?

Ah, academia! As part of our continuing series on stupid events in history that kind of relate to Daria, in a sick sad way, we bring you word of the St. Scholastica Day Riot in Oxford, England (yes, that Oxford) only 655 years ago. An argument over beer between Oxford students and townspeople of Oxford led to a pitched battle in which a lot of college students and normal people lost their lives. I repeat, the argument was over beer.

Depressing, I know, that we haven't advanced an iota since then. (Go to the link and read down the column to the part about 1996.) Of course, Quinn Morgendorffer, the 1997 Middleton College Fraternity Row Keg Queen, is our mascot for today.

DVDaria NooZ!
  • Brittany Wants Daria, by a440 (Part 1): Worst of all was the fact that on the third Saturday in October Brittany had planned to celebrate Sweetest Day with the QB, but now that he and his parents were dead, the blonde had no one to celebrate it with and, worse still, she had bought something special for the occasion and she feared it would be wasted.
  • The Girl with Golden Eyes, by Michellesdaughter (Part 5): “This is weird... you’re marrying Tom,” Trent said with an honest turn. She gave a little shrug and picked up his guitar, strumming lightly some tune that they both seemed to recognize. He looked away trying to continue his brotherly conversation although the whole thing seemed like rehearsal for an after-school special.
  • NEW! The Prodigal Daughter, by a440 (Parts 3 and 4): As expected, prison life was anything but groovy tunes for Brittany when she first arrived, and at first sight, she could see the signs of trouble...
  • collar, by Jim North (Part 2): "So, how was your day?" Stacy asked. "Almost completely unbearable," Sandi moaned as she turned to putty under the other woman's ministrations. "But it's already starting to get better."
  • Daria and Jane and the Bag O' Noodles, Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "When we get to Daytona, and you have a few drinks in you..." "Yes?" "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
  • Daria: Hunter 5—Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): As the others scurried around them, Quinn turned back to Michael and said, "So, Mr. Landon, what's it like being a vice president in one of the world's biggest corporations?" "Busy," he chuckled. "And please, call me Mack."
  • Daria: The Untold Story, by Ajar (continued): If you were paying close attention to the credits you may have noticed something in the credits of Daria....
  • NEW! Finn Morgendorffer 31: TATBTBAHB, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): Daria felt funny in many different ways. She had never actually made out with anyone before. She wasn’t even sure she was doing it right. Tom wasn’t complaining; she took that as a good sign. [Ending is here.]
  • NEW! Finn Morgendorffer 32: It Happened One Summer, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): “So aren’t you and Daria going on a date?” Finn asked. “She’s in her room. I’m sure she’d love to see you. Or she’d hate to see you around me.” “Finn, I already admitted I screwed up. What more do you want?” Tom asked.
  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 10): All her rummaging failed to locate a weapon. The disappointment of that sharpened her sense of danger from an outside source.
  • NEW! It's All About the Intention, by Psychotol (Part 1): “What can I do for you, Mr. Secretary?” asked Brigadier General Daria Morgendorffer.
  • Our Founding Father, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "Daria Morgendorffer," the man said, "I am in need of your help. The Republic is in need of your help. You country calls upon you in its hour of need." "And you are?" asked Daria. "I believe that I am well known in this era," said the man, with a small amount of pride. "I am George Washington, the man who earned the office of the first President of the United States."
  • A Reaper in the Wind, by RLobinske (Part 8): McGee set the computer to sleep mode and said, "I thought it was strange that the flight crew didn't come back here to check on things. We're on a rendition flight without a prisoner." Tom looked up from his book. "Deniability. We don't see them and they don't see us. Prisoners aren't the only things moved around on these flights."
  • Unnamed story (Scenes no Daria fanfic should have: Ouch Time), by Greystar (COMPLETE!): The Mayor of the City of Lawndale, Angela Li, looked at the open metal box with the electronic lock for a moment, then removed the bit of folded paper within it. With a raised eyebrow, she carefully unfurled the parchment and revealed a message that was printed over a map of the City of Lawndale's Power Supply Center.
  • Unnamed story (Three-peat! New Ideas Thread Wins Again!), by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): Almost asleep, Daria heard a strange clatter in her closet. Curious, she had just swung her legs over the edge of the bed when the closet door opened and a group of little people stumbled and fell out. [Guess the crossover!]


undefinedlust said...

I'm just shocked Grad students don't riot more often...

E. A. Smith said...

Almost asleep, Daria heard a strange clatter in her closet. Curious, she had just swung her legs over the edge of the bed when the closet door opened and a group of little people stumbled and fell out. [Guess the crossover!]

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