Friday, February 19, 2010


Pisces begins today, for the fishy zodiacal ones among you, so check your horror-scopes as Daria here has done. And learned to regret.

And this is the ninth anniversary of the first showing of "Fizz Ed" on MTV, kicking off the fifth and last season of Daria. Angst aplenty for all.

In the fandom, Kara Wild's essay, "The Off-Canon Approach" turns ten today, exactly. A milestone, there.

SKYPECON begins this weekend! Join in the fun of an online Dariacon! Meet new people! Argue with them!

Sketches of Mr. DeMartino, Quinn, and Sandi are offered by the illustrious MDetector5 on PPMB.

The new MTV Daria site is going strong. The URL used to connect to thumbnail descriptions of the episodes in the series, but the whole thing has been greatly expanded (thank goodness). The official Daria Facebook site will give you a pre-order special if you sign up. Amazon now has a pre-order section, as do several other sites.

Sick, Sad World has updated, as of a few days ago. Outpost Daria updated a few days ago to offer details on the DVD release.

Glitter Berries is still impossible to get, but you can download the whole thing here and are encouraged to do so soon.

The MySpace fan group, Daria and Jane 4ever, has unexpectedly ceased to exist. It had the largest collection of fans until the official Facebook site came up.

Another great fanfic update coming this weekend. Stay tooned.


MDetector5 said...

I might do more tomorrow. I made an effort on my end to draw MUCH better, and I can't get there if I can't practice.

There will be lots of Quinn stuff.

The Angst Guy said...

I salute you!