Friday, January 18, 2008

Adults Only, and Other Fandom News

Mrs. Bennett, in her Sex and the City outfit, is here to announce that an adult section has been added to Lawndale Online: The Zon (or Zen, something like that). If you are of the adult persuasion, you may head over there and check it out.

On PPMB, Wormbat has delivered a cute little ficlet: "Who Lies," a Daria/True Lies crossover. Kind of makes you wonder what's actually going on at that law office, doesn't it?

Eccles has announced a major update for his supersite, Lawndale Sun-Herald. Go check it out. Submissions guidelines are right here.

A February 1st deadline is in effect to get your fanworks over to Outpost Daria for the first update of 2008. Be sure to read the submissions guidelines first if you're new to this. Fanfics will be uploaded before fan art, but the art will make it in, too.

Brother Grimace, Roentgen, and others have been working tirelessly to expand our Daria knowledge on the DariaWiki. Everyone is invited to pitch and contribute some pages of your own.

This blog had its 5,000th viewing earlier today, hooray! Of course, 96% of the views were probably mine, but that's okay. Come back anytime. Have a great weekend, stay warm, peace out, and party on!

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