Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fan Art for 2007 now linked in left column!

If you want to know what great Daria fan art was completed in 2007, you can find links to Richard Lobinske's exhaustive compilation at left. Thank you, Richard.

Speaking of 2007, the fanfiction lists have been updated and, with any luck, completed for that year as well (see links at left). The listing for 2008 will begin soon. (Okay, the listing has begun now!)

Fans of alternate-universe fanfics will be pleased to know that science is still investigating parallel universes. Maybe Daria really is out there somewhere. . . .

Finally, some fun older fics by Patrick Moore (peapotmaster) were reposted to PPMB. Welcome back, Patrick. The stories are:
Daria Meets Johnny Bravo
Stupid is as Stupid Really Does
Snow Darn

More soon.

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