Friday, January 18, 2008

Crickey! I've got kangaroos loose in the top paddock!

S'trewth, mate! Only 220 years ago today, the Botany Bay Penal Colony was established in Oz, eventually leading to Crocodile Dundee, The Road Warrior, Fosters beer, and a language with remote similarities to English. For complete information on the cultural contributions of the modern-day descendants of the colonists, click here.

In other news tonight . . .

The rules for voting on the 2007 Booties: Daria FanWorks Awards, Written Works, and the updated & corrected list of nominations for the same are available for the clicking. Both the rules for voting and the list of nominations for the 2007 Booties: Daria FanWorks Awards, Visual Works, are right here. The deadline is January 31st, so get goin'!

Richard Lobinske has once again upstaged me by updating the 2008 Visual FanWorks Listing. Check out the cool new stuff! (Still not sure about those buns.)

Brother Grimace is searching for suggestions on the middle names of the Daria characters. Share your ideas in this thread. Note the link in the thread to an older thread on this topic.

Finally, I must touch upon a sad topic. There has been an ugly rumor on PPMB that I have discovered modesty. Let me set the record straight: Nothing could be further from the truth. The Internet is filled with falsehoods and lies, and this is one of them. Thank you for listening.

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E. A. Smith said...

Two nominations! Whoo-hoo! I have to say, I wasn't expecting any; I figured out of sight, out of mind. I definitely wasn't expecting to be nominated in "Favorite Jane Story"; I saw "Good Intentions" as being about Daria (and, to a lesser extent, Stacy). But I'll certainly take it! :-D