Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meet Halloween (and good luck)

The Holiday with sex appeal. Secretive and distrustful, touchy about privacy, moody and irritable, doesn't want to be "happy all the time." Self-reliant, motivated to earn her own money (e.g., as a coffee-house waitress), always active, likes to play "tricks" (minor vandalism, especially in wealthy neighborhoods). Doesn't always play well with others and doesn't like to share. Possibly uses drugs or the Holiday Island equivalent because she has a high awareness of "narcs." Plays drums in an alternative band, is good at it and loves it. Popular, a trend-setter, attractive, fun.

Some guesses: She likes chocolate and candy, eats a lot of it for snacks, never gains weight. She operates on the "trick or treat" principle, meaning if you are nice to her, she will think you're cool and won't likely "trick" you. A little spoiled and stuck up because she is so popular.

Random fanfic ideas: Halloween returns to Lawndale, by herself. Why?
  1. She had a fight with her boyfriend and is cooling off, but might meet a new bf in town (Trent?).
  2. She wants to see what Earth is like again, liked the independence she had, wants to start her own band, maybe with Monique.
  3. She's pregnant and not sure what to do about it. Holiday Island time is not the same as normal time, so she could be pregnant for years, even decades. Who's the father(s)? What's the kid(s) gonna be like? Will the kid(s) be a new holiday(s)?
  4. She pulled a "trick" that backfired big-time, and she's on the run from one or more angry Holidays (or worse).
  5. Another Holiday (or being) pulled a "trick" on her and she's madder than hell and not going to take it. The guilty party has escaped to Lawndale and is in hiding . . . but not for long.
Toss in your ideas, too. This one Holiday could power a lot of fanfic.


the bug guy said...

Halloween comes back to Lawndale to find her successor (like in Incarnations of Immortality) and remembers this black-haired girl she met before...

legendeld said...

Came up with a few.

Halloween shows up because she wants to be a normal teen for a while and helps Quinn out in a jam and for payment Quinn agrees to be her mentor in being normal.

Why does it have to be a boyfriend anyway.

Had one based on the druid pact.(The whole pact that as long as humans honor monsters once a year they stay out of the real world thing.) Halloween is nervous that the modern halloweens that people are having doesn't count. She needs some help in SCARING up an old fashion halloween. Daria and Jane agree to help.

It's Alternapoloza II and she needs a ride.

Exchange student. Tiffany gets dumped in Holiday island and Halloween gets Lawndale.

The Angst Guy said...


Halloween/Jake Morgendorffer.


Halloween/Tad Gupty.

Kristen Bealer said...




the nightgoblyn said...

I actually have a story idea that Halloween and Christmas are major movers in at the beginning, but it's pretty far down my list of things to get writen. -sigh-