Monday, January 21, 2008

Be All That You Can Be

Off the top of my head, I recall a number of fanfics in which one or more of the Daria crew went into the military. The closeness of 9/11 to the assumed graduation time of Daria's class puts a hard spin on the topic. If memory serves, Daria, Jane, Quinn, Trent, Mack, Upchuck, Kevin, Andrea, and Brittany have all done time in either the Army, Marines, Air Force, or Navy. Daria and Jane once even got to be submarine commanders.

Realistically speaking, though, who do you see as the most likely ones to serve in a branch of the military? Kevin tops my list of volunteers only because he has so few other options, but the chances he'd be allowed in the Armed Forces are low, given the high technical needs of today's warfare.

Of the rest, I see Mack as the most likely to serve, probably in the Army in the post-9/11 fever, and very likely to climb ranks quickly. And after him... Brittany. Seriously. She could do it. And maybe, just maybe, Upchuck.

Your turn. Agree? Disagree? Take your shot.

Interesting alter ego, BTW: Mack as George C. Scott as General George Patton, Jr. Nice trick.


legendeld said...

I see Kevin as a good groundpounder.

Quinn I could see doing it to find herself

Jodie to piss off her parents.

Stacy because some recruiter got her signed up before she knew what was happening.

Tom to thumb his nose at his parents.

Brittany that's a given.

Mack I can see doing a tour but not staying in. To many Kevins that he would have to babysit.

Upchuck for the training and because girls love a man in uniform.

Trent would wash out in basic.

Andrea would attack her drill.

Daria and Jane I could see either following the other in. Maybe joining to be part of something bigger.

Milderbeast said...

I see Mac as a squad leader sending Kevin into harm's way as a first resort and Kevin comes through completely unscathed every time, with Mac smacking himself in the forehead.
As a result, Kevin becomes the highest decorated soldier in the history of warfare, while still remaining a buck private.

"Hey, chicks dig medals, Mack Daddy!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Sorry. Sergeant Mack Daddy!"


CDM said...

From experiance I know the post-9/11 fever made people you'd never expect to join or consider - the thought passed through my head, and I've been alternatively a socialist and anarchist, not to mention bi. It was only for five minutes, even at that insane tipping point in history I pulled back, probably because I've grown up seeing the effects of war in my uncle ('Nam vet).

I could see Trent choosing (without extenuating circumstances ala Girl From Hope) to find direction. The J's are blank-slate enough to work into that context (maybe to make themselves worthy of post-IIFY Quinn without becoming a brain :) - for that matter the same could be applied in slash with Sandi or Stacy instead). Penny could have done some tours (and likely been discharged for her leftist sympathies :) ). Evan (Jane's ex, not Jodie's little brother) could channel his dedication to track into a military posistion, say after not making a college team or the Olympics.

On Kevin I've heard reports the military keeps lowering it's standards due to lowering recruitment over the course of Junior's Not-So-Excellent Adventure.

A good AU might be Jake - perhaps Mad Dog died in action and he grew up idolizing him instead of cursing him (and assuming he and HElen still met seeing Daria & Quinn's lives as army brats would be intresting). Perhaps this is Amy's career (and Grimace seemed to be hinting that in IAAR, given Armelin's freak-out realizing whose aunt she was). What if Barch had got it in her mind the best way to prove she's better than a man was succeeding in a field they dominate? And Ms Li's a no-brainer for CIA (and was in that True Lies homage whose title escapes my memory).