Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unfinished Stories I Have Loved (Part 2)

To continue . . .

Housing Daria, by LSauchelli: A Daria/House crossover, in character. Delightful, heartwarming wickedness. With any luck, LSauchelli will finish this one very soon. It's a winner.

In and Out, by SigDiff: This fic had one of the most awesome works of fan art ever done, a pic of Jane with a red Mustang done by S.C. The story was awesome, too, exciting and tense and crazy. Daria and Jane as bank robbers on the run—he really pulled it off! SigDiff has stated he won't finish this, but he left the door open for someone else to try. Let's hope for the best.

Judith, by Erin Mills (a.k.a. Shallow15): Since 2003, Erin has produced a number of ficlets (e.g., "Misnomer" and "Research") dealing with a psychopathic young woman named Judith who is murdering Daria Morgendorffers in every alternate universe she can find, no matter how bizarre. As it happens, Judith is the middle name of a Daria Morgendorffer from a universe where she turned out to be a very bad person. (Shades of The One!) How did this happen? Why is she killing all the other Darias? Who can stop her? These stories were my first exposure to multiple AUs in this fandom. A fanfic that offers more depth into what makes this misery chick tick would be welcome.

Lane Change, by Ranger Thorne: No "K" title, so here are two "L's." This one is currently my most favorite unfinished Daria/Doctor Who crossover ever, and it is by far the absolute wildest of them all, even crazier than the complete ones. Shock after shock, thrill after thrill, a magnificent job. And only one (approximately) chapter left to go!

The Longest Year, by Greystar: What if Daria got pregnant by Tom? This tale gave the answers and did it well. Some nasty twists take place in the background, but front and center is Daria, coping as best she can with impending motherhood—which she doesn't necessarily want. Great stuff.

The Misery Chicks, by NightGoblyn: I want to call this story hard-hitting, but that is such an awful pun, considering. Psychologically damaged, Daria and Quinn arrive in Lawndale, and only Jane can help them . . . maybe. Riveting and well told, with a nightmare of angst lurking below the surface. MOAR!!1!!1!1!!

Notes from Exiles, by Scissors MacGillicutty: The first Scissors story I ever read (when he was called "et alia"), and I was hooked through the gills. Daria's dumped everyone and gone to France, leaving a sister and a former best friend behind in Boston. We spend a rootless, restless evening with Quinn and Jane in a haunting story that cannot be forgotten.

Once Upon a Time at College, by Lawndale Stalker: Daria and Upchuck in a college shipper? LS was always great at making this pair work, but this partial story rose above the rest. The most disturbing thing about leaving this story incomplete is that we never get to see the poker game with Tom and Upchuck in which Daria plans to use her natural assets (boobs) to win—and she's in character! You can't believe it, and it's great!

Phlegm Noir, by Scissors MacGillicutty: I was trying not to mention any writer twice, but I can see that this won't be possible. Scissors has recently mentioned he plans to continue this story, and thank God. He was challenged several years ago "to write a short Daria fanfic in which a character from that show shouts, at some dramatic point, 'Top of the world, ma!' Angst would be nice but is not required, and comedy is allowed." Lying, treachery, backstabbing, double-dealing—this story is so much fun, it's criminal.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

The Misery Chicks just updated. Talk about your quick results. Do you do any other tricks?

The Angst Guy said...

Pick a card. Any card.

E. A. Smith said...

Scissors has done some additional work on "Notes from Exiles", including rewriting the first part, but he still hasn't finished it.