Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dawn's Only Speaking Role in Daria

Well, "speaking" is perhaps too liberal a word. She's on the far left, singing "Oooh, oooh!" along with Bob (next to her in the back row), one of the Jennifers (far right, front row), and four other backgrounders in the musical Daria! Still, she's making some kind of noise, like Jennifer the Burnout Girl shrieking briefly when she fell off that trampoline.

Daria! violated the fourth wall, everyone acted like actors and not "real people," and Daria and Jane sang (Jane, who could not even warble "Old MacDonald" properly in "Jane's Addition"). Still, a few useful things came from it, like Daria and Jane getting to the high school roof for the first time, where they showed up in later episodes.

It's still too weird for me, but I dig out anything useful from it that I can. So it goes.

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