Sunday, January 27, 2008

Starting to wake up now, sort of

PPMB and SFMB have come back up after a day-long hiatus, possibly a server problem. Richard Lobinske, Brother Grimace, and Roentgen have been adding new pages and information to DariaWiki like crazed fiends, bless them, and you are encouraged to check out the new stuff (and add some new stuff yourself, please). An expansion of the "Evil Daria" stub page would be so cool.

Here are a few notes on watt's gnu at SFMB.


Fan Art

If you haven't voted for the Daria Fanworks Awards, hurry up! Four days left! To repeat a section from an earlier post (I luv cut & paste!):

The rules for voting on the 2007 Booties: Daria FanWorks Awards, Written Works, and the updated & corrected list of nominations for the same are available for the clicking. Both the rules for voting and the list of nominations for the 2007 Booties: Daria FanWorks Awards, Visual Works, are right here.

PPMB will take time to wade through, so more later. Thank heavens this blog's server isn't down. Yet.

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