Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet More Unfinished Stories I Have Loved (Part 2)

Fandemonium, by Angelboy, et al.: This one was plenty weird, a multi-author collection of vignettes depicting the Daria cast as fans of a TV series called "Fandemonium," playing off on our own fandom. The "Fandemonium" characters were Daria fanfic authors. The serial had no real end point, being more like an extended slice-of-life story, and it would be great to see it continue.

Foggy Lawyer Breakdown, by Lawndale Stalker: Love the title. Love the premise, too: Helen has a nervous breakdown in her high-stress work as an attorney, and Jake, Daria, and Quinn must work to make ends meet while Helen recovers. A very engaging AU. Cross your fingers.

Going Corporate, by Nemo Blank: Dilbert and Daria. Need we say more? This had great potential, but it is unlikely it will be finished by the author. Alas.

House in the Woods, by Angelinhel: A creepy horror fic with great atmosphere and a mystery that has not been fully revealed. Moar, pleez.

In Dreams, by Scissors MacGillicutty: Way beyond strange. Daria and Jane discover a library in an infinite shaft, through which pages of fanfiction float eternally downward. I have to know what the hell was going on in this one. It was cool.

Lambda, by SigDiff: Daria crosses over into the Half Life game, battling the alien Combine with the help of Jane and a few other survivors from long-lost Lawndale. A bleak world where death is everywhere and survival is all. I like it.

My Name Is Lane, by NightGoblyn: Raymond Chandler writes a hard-boiled story in which Daria learns who her real mother is, as told from Jane Lane's perspective. You have to read it to get the full feeling. Let us hope there is more to come.

Not Exactly, by MsHand: A sequel to MsHand's story, “Priceless,” this details what happens when the Morgendorffers cannot afford to send Daria to Raft after all. She goes instead to Lawndale State, where she meets up with Amelia and loses touch with Jane (who made it to BFAC in Boston). The story wrapped up too quickly with some plot threads begging for further exploration.

Obligatory Artie-Fic, by RedlegRick: Imagine what would happen if UFO-obsessed Artie became the target of every government conspiracy imaginable. What would happen is that you would get this story. I liked the humor and the out-of-control plot. New title needed, but the story rocks.

(to be continued)

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