Friday, January 11, 2008

Awesomeness to the Awesome Power

As long as I’ve gone and listed all the stories that made 2007 a great year for me, here are the individual works of fan art that made 2007 an even better year. All of these were great, but some were breathtaking, magnificent, awe-inspiring. (That is not an exaggeration. Check them out for yourself.) Thanks for your great work, all of you here. I am in your debt.

Acidgirl: Emo Jane
altrntvgrlfrnd: The Lanes Are The Best People
Angel de Muerte: Six String Daria
Beatnikshaggy: Magic is Green
Biohazard-Kitty: Standing on My Neck
blackcattlc: Daria and Jane : D
breitasparrow: Trentenfurter
Christ Oliver: Daria in Road Worrier
Christ Oliver: Daria Meets Hellraiser
Christ Oliver: Daria-The Animated Series
Christ Oliver: Velma Kissing Daria
Christ Oliver: What's My Age Again?
Christ-Off: Mystik Spiral
DJ (zwammy): Also Known as Quinn the Great
DJ (zwammy): She's behind me, right?
enigmawing: Dariawing
Esenkas: Daria "lindas Gafas"
fyuvix: Commish-Daria
generationm: Daria Odd Parents
graficoslozano: Kim Possible 14
Hershey-chan: Jodie and Tom
Hershey-chan: Quinn Fall
Hershey-chan: Sandi Griffin
Hershey-chan: Surprise Kiss
ianmsquee: Daria, Jane and Quinn
JjAR01: Daria
jmao: 11k - Daria+Trent
jmao: Curvaceous Quinn
JNLN: Daria Book Mark
JNLN: Daria with a Pearl Earring
JNLN: Jane Book Mark
JNLN: Quinn Book Mark
Kajiq: Excuse Me
Kajiq: Yer Standing On My Neck
Kara Wild: Alfred Phelps
kara-lija: Quiet Girl
Kemical Reaxion: 80s Jane
Kemical Reaxion: Abbey Road
Kemical Reaxion: Fashion Club Bratz
Kemical Reaxion: Futuristic Daria
Kemical Reaxion: Homeless Helen
Lycissa: Adult Daria
Lycissa: Daria and Trent
Lycissa: Pinky Jane and Brain Daria
Mickychanz: Daria/Trent Shipper Art
Mickychanz: Frustration
Mickychanz: Jane as Snow White
Mickychanz: Middle School Brittany
Mickychanz: Quinn and Brittany
Mickychanz: The Other Kiss
Mickychanz: Trent's Hot Necklace
Mickychanz: You're Pretty Cool, Daria
NomadX: Fun with Maurice and Jane
NomadX: Something Something S Miasma
NomadX: You are No Fun at ALL
pupaazzoso: Daria M
Richard Lobinske: Avenger Jane
Richard Lobinske: Melody Powers
S.C.: Daria and Jane Portrait
S.C.: Daria SinCity: The Donneria Party
S.C.: Daria’s BoyToy
S.C.: Jane Lane
S.C.: Seventeen
S.C.: Stacy Rowe
S.C.: The Cleaner
S.C.: Valentines
seel-dingo: Freakin Friends
seel-dingo: Gitaroo Trent
Sle3pStar: Freakin Friends
theEvilTwin: Sick, Sad World
theEvilTwin: the skies above lawndale
TheHumbleEgo-Maniac: Jane Lane
Wouter: Ninja Jane
Zackmolis: Quinn Maid



The Angst Guy said...

Anyone else have some favorite Daria artwork they want to shout about here? Go for it.

The Angst Guy said...

Or, um, not, I guess. Anyway, I just thought there was some incredibly great art last year. Blew my mind.

The Angst Guy said...

Well, I tried. Sigh.