Monday, January 21, 2008


While surfing around, I discovered a very interesting post on a cartoon-oriented blog. Read what Geena Davis had to say about female characters in cartoons, then try to find Our Heroine's name in the numerous blog responses without using the search function.

No wonder OH is sulking in a box in the backyard. Fame is such a fleeting thing.


CDM said...

Before reading through I was going to bring up the "eMpTV" factor, which I was reminded of in an Agony Booth thread about shows people wish they had watched during their first runs (one poster said they had an undying hatred for MTV and as such didn't catch Daria until the N, and even they could tell from no prior viewing it was a hatchet job), BUT ON A FREAKING CARTOON BLOG?! Fame my be fleeting, but there's no excuse for people I assume must have mooe than a layman's knowledge of animation, to the point they'd have at least heard of Daria, if they're posting on a dam toon blog! It's Doctor Who & MST3K all over again - people either go "What's that?" or can't get past low-budget/non-mainstream humor.

CDM said...

Ignore the last sentence - I have a habit of comparing lots of things with very tenuous reasons to Who & MST, likeley since they're my other two fandoms. And I'm meant the original series of Who - can't go five mintues on a forum/Live Journal/etc without seeing a new series avatar - if only the same was true for Daria.

Okay, enough rambling, back to writing.