Saturday, January 5, 2008

Daria Deciphered

A couple weeks ago I purchased a copy of the second Daria VHS released by MTV, Daria Disenfranchised. I started watching it tonight and shortly came to the spot in "Cafe Disaffecto" where Mr. O'Neill is looking at his second-period seating chart....

...and I copied it down after blowing it up on the TV screen. We had a thread on PPMB before about this seating chart as it names so many students who are normally nameless background characters. Here is the first-season seating chart for Mr. O'Neill's 20-student class, which reads (top row is the back row of the class, as seen by the teacher):

Bob ------ Kelly -------- Les ------ Rob ------ ???
Zack ----- Jennifer --- Dewey? -- Adam ---- Josh
Jennifer - Jennifer --- Jenna? -- Jane ----- Daria
Mack ----- Brittany --- Kevin ---- Jodie ---- Haley

The name of the girl in the far back right cannot yet be deciphered (seems to start with a T). I am reasonably sure that the other names are correct. In a while I will start posting the images of the students with their given first names, and let's see what we get.


UU said...

'Jenna' might be 'Jessica' or something along those lines. Too blurry indeed.

The Angst Guy said...

I agree. Others (including myself) have thought so, too. I'll keep working on it.

The girl in back might be Tania.