Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trooo Luuuv (or Something Like It)

Curious thing about Dr. Shar and Rock and Roll Randy. On one hand, you have a petite middle-aged woman who has probably had cosmetic surgery on every part of her body that could conceivably withstand it, and on the other hand you have a big, bald, overweight, middle-aged guy who has obviously had no cosmetic surgery at all. What's the attraction? Randy is a guy, pure and simple, so his attraction to Dr. Shar is pretty straightforward (*cough*big boobs*cough*). What does Dr. Shar like about him? Though overweight, Randy's an active, semi-athletic guy, big and loud and boisterous, probably a party animal and loads of fun to be with. He has a good career and clearly likes who he is.

If it happens that Randy likes Dr. Shar mainly because of how she looks, that's perfect because her looks are the focus of her entire life. One might also hypothesize that both are G.I.B. (if you are old like me and recall what that stands for). If it's not romance, it's the next best thing. Who's gonna knock it?

It's also curious that we know only his first name and her last name, but that's how the nomenclature crumbles. Or whatever. Something like that.

Final thought for the day:

"When a woman is elected president, it won't be because she got breast implants."
Helen Morgendorffer, "Too Cute"

"At least, her people will deny it."
Daria Morgendorffer, "Too Cute"

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