Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unfinished Stories I Have Loved (Part 3)

And last, but hardly least:

Sarcasm at 1600, by Mike Xeno: Roentgen had the good taste to finish the "R" story I most wanted to see completed ("Reclamation"), so I will use two "S" stories, and this is the first. (We're skipping the "Q.") An adult Daria is running for the presidency as an independent candidate, and many of her old classmates (and Tom!) get involved in her campaign. Very well handled, smart and clever and, tah dah, appropriate given that this is an election year. More, please.

Shadow of a Cynic, by Ranger Thorne: With a little creative work on Jane Lane's family tree, she becomes a relative of the original Shadow, but it's Daria who must learn the paranormal secrets of the Shadow once Tom Sloane is murdered. (And no, a dead Tom is not the reason I love this story.) This tale really put your nerves on edge, waiting for the next battle with evil. It kicks ass.

A Time for Us, by aeverett: An unknown writer appeared a few years ago and began a strange tale of a Daria thrust back a few years in time, when she encounters Trent and Jane before Daria originally came to Lawndale. This fic was heading into Daria/Trent shipping territory but had a powerful edge to it, as Daria was struggling to save the siblings from abandonment and ill prepared to handle her feelings for Trent, who is about her age and drawn to her. Rarely has anyone popped into this fandom, shown such promise, and vanished without even finishing the first story done.

Unexpected, by Nemo Blank: Of all Nemo Blank's unfinished stories, this is the one I most want to see done. Twenty-something Daria and Jane get into the wrong line at a Boston courthouse and end up getting married by accident, and that's just the start of this perverse epic with comedy and drama enough for all. You have to shake your head and wonder where this could have gone. So much potential . . .

Working Girl, by Kara Wild: This coming-of-age story for Quinn Morgendorffer is perhaps the finest unfinished story of them all. This is a work of great character and depth, with a profound atmosphere of alienation and loneliness. Quinn struggles through the painful minefield of young adulthood with the sometimes help of her Aunt Amy. A breathtaking performance by any standard, and a fitting follow-on to Kara's superb Driven Wild Universe. A masterwork.

Yuki-Onna, by Sleepless: Remember what I said about "Broken Connections"? This story does all that and coats it with sheer horror. This story gave me bad dreams. It was worth it for the chance to descend into the lightless pit Sleepless has here prepared. You were warned.

Sorry, no "V," "X," or "Z." More of the unfinished stories I have loved later. Enjoy.

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