Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 and still counting

The infamous 9/11 attacks of seven years ago were echoed in Daria materials both official and unofficial. Daria herself comments on it in an essay online at Glenn Eichler responded to a question about Lawndale residents' possible reactions to 9/11 in an interview with Kara Wild, saying, "I don't think the Morgendorffers would have any specific reaction to September 11th. It's too complicated an issue."

In fanfic, much more is made of what effect the attacks had on the lives of the Morgendorffers and others. Some fanfics reference the attacks as a minor part of their backstory (e.g., jak981125's "Mystic Spiral's Lonely Lawndale Band"), but some are much more direct. A few of the stories in which the September 11, 2001 attacks figure prominently are the following.
Even more fanfics include the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and their effects on the inhabitants of Lawndale. Among these is a tale by Psychotol, "She Knows Not What She Does," that is worth reading.

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